The benefits of Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper is a very beneficial ingredient that can be used for many types of ailments. It also offers a great kick to your meal (for those who like spicy food). The reason for this is because it contains an active ingredient called Capsaicin, found in hot peppers which is what causes that spicy feeling. Cayenne Pepper also contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B-6, and is an excellent source of Antioxidants.

It’s best to buy Cayenne Pepper fresh, and to make sure that it has a vibrant red colour with a healthy stem. But, if you’re looking to use already grounded pepper, try finding Organic Cayenne Pepper.

Here are some additional Benefits of Cayenne Pepper:

Improves Blood Circulation
It increases blood flow throughout the body, promoting blood circulation to carry nutrients to cells more efficiently, while equalizing blood pressure instantly.

Blood Clots
Helps clear up artery deposits and thins out the blood, preventing the formation of a blood clot, which reduces the chances of a heart attack or stroke.

Digestive Aid
Cayenne Pepper has the ability to stimulate the digestive tract resulting in an increase of enzyme production and gastric juices to help metabolize food and toxins.

Relieves Migraine and Headache Pain
Swabbing the inside of your nose with Cayenne Pepper will help relieve the symptoms of a headache or migraine.

The body releases and depletes a chemical called Substance P, which is what makes us feel pain. This will transfer the pain from the head down the nose.

Sore Throat
It acts as an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent which reduces swelling and eliminates the infection from the throat. If Cayenne Pepper is too spicy, you can find other natural remedies for a sore throat.

Stuffy Nose
Decreases inflammation and reduces mucus in the nasal passages, making it much easier to breathe through the nose. If Cayenne Pepper is too spicy, there are other methods to relieve a stuffy nose.

It may sound counter-intuitive to treat or prevent a stomach ulcer with something spicy, but Cayenne Pepper can actually help by getting rid of harmful bacteria in the stomach lining and digestive tract. It also acts as a local anesthetic and helps control bleeding while regenerating stomach tissue.

Weight Loss
It can help assist with weight loss by increasing your body temperature and burning a few extra calories as your body starts to cool down.

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions, or if you would like to share your thoughts and feedback about Cayenne Pepper.

Thanks for reading and feel better soon!

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